John Coyle – Chain smoking veteran who never spoke of war

Name of soldier : John Coyle Descendent : Gary Coyle Gary Coyle is an artist, originally from Dun Laoghaire and now living on Dublin’s Northside. He exhibits with the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery and was elected a member of artists body Aosdana in 2009. He was elected a member of the Royal Hibernia Academy in 2007.Continue reading “John Coyle – Chain smoking veteran who never spoke of war”

Christopher Mulligan – From Nelson Street to Second Ypres

Name of soldier : Christopher Mulligan Descendents : Stella Geragthy and her brother Aidan Maher Nelson Street is a small, narrow street linking Eccles Street with Berkeley Street on Dublin’s North city. It is named after the British naval hero, Admiral Horatio Nelson, whose column adorned Dublin’s O’Connell Street before it was bombed in 1966.Continue reading “Christopher Mulligan – From Nelson Street to Second Ypres”

John Downes – From Eccles Place to Suvla Bay and Palestine

Name of soldier : John Downes Descendent : Dick Wynne Dick Wynne is a sprightly and dapper 82 year old man who could pass for a man ten years younger, or more. He lives in Ashtown, North Dublin and used to work with the Office of Public Works, tending to public parks and monuments. WhenContinue reading “John Downes – From Eccles Place to Suvla Bay and Palestine”

Thomas Hennessy – From Pimlico to the trenches

Name of soldier : Thomas Hennessy Descendent : Sean Maher Until it recently closed, the small Post Office on Dublin’s Berkeley Road was overseen by Sean Maher, a friendly figure who always looked out for the many old people and welfare recipients who used his post office. Berkeley Road is like a street in aContinue reading “Thomas Hennessy – From Pimlico to the trenches”

John Nolan – Fighting the Bulgarians in Greece

Name of soldier : John Nolan Descendent : Fergus Curran The Balkans Theatre is one of the less well known aspects of World War One, at least in the popular imagination. It is also known as the Macedonian Front, or the Salonika campaign – after areas associated with this part of the war. Basically, theContinue reading “John Nolan – Fighting the Bulgarians in Greece”

James Murphy – From Dorset Street to Salonika

Name of soldier : James Murphy Descendent : Kathleen Leydon Kathleen Leydon is a woman steeped in Ireland’s experience of the First World War. Her grandfather was killed in Salonika, Greece fighting in the Balkans, while the grandfather of her late husband, Tommy, was killed by a German shell in 1918. Tommy had been veryContinue reading “James Murphy – From Dorset Street to Salonika”

Joe Richardson – from the Great War to Great Western Square

Name of soldier : Joe Richardson Descendent : Eileen Richardson Eileen Richardson is a strong, sparkling woman, typical of the Cabra spirit. Her background is also typical of the area, which was expanded dramatically in the 1930s to rehouse people from the north inner city. Eileen is originally from a tenement on Buckingham Street, ofContinue reading “Joe Richardson – from the Great War to Great Western Square”

Charles Campling – a pastor in the trenches

Soldier’s name : Charles Campling Descendent : Susan Dawson Susan Dawson is the founder and chairperson of Phibsborough Village Tidy Towns (PVTT), an active community group for this important North Dublin city area. As well as tidy ups and flower planting, PVTT organises biodiversity and cultural events, such as a Bloomsday reading in the localContinue reading “Charles Campling – a pastor in the trenches”

Patrick McCormack – From Patrick Street to the Somme

Name of soldier : Patrick McCormack Descendent : Tony O’Neill Tony O’Neil lives at the top of Monck Place, a pleasant side street linking the main Phibsborough Road to Great Western Square. His address, at No 18, was once a well known one for model railway collectors, not just in Ireland but in the UKContinue reading “Patrick McCormack – From Patrick Street to the Somme”

Frank Thornely – The man in the painting

Name of soldier : Frank Thornely Descendent : Lucinda Thornely In a famous painting, which now hangs in City Hall in Belfast, Frank Thornely is depicted, with his arm raised, leading the charge of the 36th Ulster Division at the Somme on 1 July 1916. The image is especially iconic for Ulster Unionists. The casualtiesContinue reading “Frank Thornely – The man in the painting”