Willie Brazil – From Great Western Square to the Western Front

Above : A young William Brazil in his Royal Artillery uniform Name of soldier : Willie Brazil Name of descendent : Enda Carr Teacher Enda Carr lives on Monck Place, Phibsborough, north Dublin. This is just beside Great Western Square where his grand uncle William Brazil, a veteran of the Somme, lived until well intoContinue reading “Willie Brazil – From Great Western Square to the Western Front”

Patrick Flynn – The East Wall Sapper who tunneled under the Germans

Pictured above : Royal Engineers, posing for a photograph, 1915. Name of soldier : Patrick Flynn Name of descendent : Philip Flynn Philip Flynn lives in Cabra and runs a barbers at Hart’s Corner in Glasnevin, with his father. Hart’s Corner is at the end of the Finglas Road, just before Glasnevin cemetery. Philip isContinue reading “Patrick Flynn – The East Wall Sapper who tunneled under the Germans”

Larry Cassidy – Railway man who went to Belgium with ‘the Buffs’

Name of soldier : Larry Cassidy Name of descendent : Tommy Cassidy Tommy Cassidy lives on Great Western Villas, off Great Western Square in Phibsborough on Dublin’s northside. Both Square and Villas were built to house railway workers but also military veterans and, after 1918, there was often an overlap. Larry Cassidy was both. Already,Continue reading “Larry Cassidy – Railway man who went to Belgium with ‘the Buffs’”

Dubliner Edward Gerrard – Fought in Gallipoli and Gaza, wounded in the 1916 Rising

Name of soldier : Edward Gerrard Name of descendent : Ailbhe Gerrard Ailbhe Gerrard is the creator of Brookfield Farm, which produces honey and beeswax candles near beautiful Lough Derg, in Tipperary. More here :Brookfield Farm – Producer of Raw Irish Honey & Beeswax Gifts https://www.brookfield.farm/ Ailbhe comes from a large and talented family, includingContinue reading “Dubliner Edward Gerrard – Fought in Gallipoli and Gaza, wounded in the 1916 Rising”

Michael Scully – From the Liberties to the Somme

Name of soldier : Michael Scully Descendent : John McDonnell John McDonnell must have been the happiest street cleaner in North Dublin before he stepped down from Dublin City Council in 2017. He was a regular sight to be seen around Phibsborough crossroads in the morning pushing his dust cart and lifting people’s spirits withContinue reading “Michael Scully – From the Liberties to the Somme”

Edward Keegan – Sudan War veteran with a Republican son

Name of soldier : Edward Keegan Descendent : Marie Fitzgerald Edward Keegan had a military career which took him far from his home in the Liberties in Dublin city. A member of the Royal Irish Regiment, be fought in the Egypt and Sudan campaign in the 1880s and was part of the Nile Expedition ofContinue reading “Edward Keegan – Sudan War veteran with a Republican son”

Thomas Hennessy – From Pimlico to the trenches

Name of soldier : Thomas Hennessy Descendent : Sean Maher Until it recently closed, the small Post Office on Dublin’s Berkeley Road was overseen by Sean Maher, a friendly figure who always looked out for the many old people and welfare recipients who used his post office. Berkeley Road is like a street in aContinue reading “Thomas Hennessy – From Pimlico to the trenches”

John Nolan – Fighting the Bulgarians in Greece

Name of soldier : John Nolan Descendent : Fergus Curran The Balkans Theatre is one of the less well known aspects of World War One, at least in the popular imagination. It is also known as the Macedonian Front, or the Salonika campaign – after areas associated with this part of the war. Basically, theContinue reading “John Nolan – Fighting the Bulgarians in Greece”