Michael Scully – From the Liberties to the Somme

Name of soldier : Michael Scully Descendent : John McDonnell John McDonnell must have been the happiest street cleaner in North Dublin before he stepped down from Dublin City Council in 2017. He was a regular sight to be seen around Phibsborough crossroads in the morning pushing his dust cart and lifting people‚Äôs spirits withContinue reading “Michael Scully – From the Liberties to the Somme”

Patrick McCormack – From Patrick Street to the Somme

Name of soldier : Patrick McCormack Descendent : Tony O’Neill Tony O’Neil lives at the top of Monck Place, a pleasant side street linking the main Phibsborough Road to Great Western Square. His address, at No 18, was once a well known one for model railway collectors, not just in Ireland but in the UKContinue reading “Patrick McCormack – From Patrick Street to the Somme”

Frank Thornely – The man in the painting

Name of soldier : Frank Thornely Descendent : Lucinda Thornely In a famous painting, which now hangs in City Hall in Belfast, Frank Thornely is depicted, with his arm raised, leading the charge of the 36th Ulster Division at the Somme on 1 July 1916. The image is especially iconic for Ulster Unionists. The casualtiesContinue reading “Frank Thornely – The man in the painting”

Daniel Donfield – serving in the desert with Lawrence

Soldier’s name : Daniel Donfield Descendent : Kenneth Donfield T. E. Lawrence, pictured above in traditional Arab dress, is one of the most famous figures in military history. Popularly known as Lawrence of Arabia, he fought in the desert during World War One with the Arabs against the occupying Turks, who were German allies. LawrenceContinue reading “Daniel Donfield – serving in the desert with Lawrence”