Salvator Gavillet – Home Ruler who fought at the Somme but felt forgotten by Ireland

Name of soldier : Salvator Gavillet Name of descendent : Maria Smith Like many, Salvator Gavillet enlisted for the Great War in the belief that he was boosting the case for Irish independence and Home Rule. However, when he came home, the atmosphere had changed and a much more separatist movement led by Irish RepublicansContinue reading “Salvator Gavillet – Home Ruler who fought at the Somme but felt forgotten by Ireland”

John Nolan – Fighting the Bulgarians in Greece

Name of soldier : John Nolan Descendent : Fergus Curran The Balkans Theatre is one of the less well known aspects of World War One, at least in the popular imagination. It is also known as the Macedonian Front, or the Salonika campaign – after areas associated with this part of the war. Basically, theContinue reading “John Nolan – Fighting the Bulgarians in Greece”

James Murphy – From Dorset Street to Salonika

Name of soldier : James Murphy Descendent : Kathleen Leydon Kathleen Leydon is a woman steeped in Ireland’s experience of the First World War. Her grandfather was killed in Salonika, Greece fighting in the Balkans, while the grandfather of her late husband, Tommy, was killed by a German shell in 1918. Tommy had been veryContinue reading “James Murphy – From Dorset Street to Salonika”